7-10 Faith Formation


Our objectives are to provide a program that offers young people the opportunity to know and love Christ and the Catholic Church, and to provide social activities within the realm of parish life. Our junior and senior high students traditionally meet on Wednesday after school from mid-September to mid-May.

Grades seven and eight are a transition time as children become teens. In class, we look more deeply at our knowledge and lived experience of our faith, exploring ways to fill in the holes we may have missed along the way.

Grades nine and ten begin preparation for Confirmation. We concentrate on what it means to live as an adult in the Catholic church. What are the gifts? What are the obligations? Are we ready to publicly proclaim our faith?

For more information, contact:

Nicole Berlinger
Faith Formation Coordinator
P: (320) 589-3003
E: assumpfaithelem@info-link.net

2017-2018 Grades 7-10 Schedule