Youth Group



SEPTEMBERFEST: September 17th- Youth group will run the BINGO stand from 11:30-1:00 p.m.  Later in the day at 5:30 p.m. we will gather together again for our first meeting of the year, a volleyball game and snacks.

SENIOR HIGH YOUTH RALLY: October 29th- This is an all day event held at Collegeville, St. John’s campus for kids in grades 9-12.  An awesome day filled with fellowship, games, and worship.  Sarah Hart is the guest speaker/musician.

JUNIOR HIGH YOUTH RALLY: January 7th- Just like the senior high youth rally this event is an all day event for kids in grades 7-8 held at Collegeville, St. John’s campus.  This day is filled with fun activiites, fellowship and worship.

Many more activities to be added throughout the year!

The youth are an essential part of our faith community. Their smiles and strong personalities are often responsible for increasing the energy in our parish. Assumption’s Youth Group is a safe and welcoming place where young people can make and develop positive relationships with each other, our loving God and His Church.

For more information, contact:

Holly Giese
Youth Group Coordinator
P: (320) 589-2294

Alyssa Thooft
Youth Group Coordinator